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Gymnastics Class Descriptions

Explorers (Parent and Me:18 mos-2yrs)
6:1ratio (student: teacher)
Little ones enjoy 45 minutes of exciting baby gymnastics
with a parent by their side. Using equipment and
circuits designed specifically for toddlers. Our littlest
“Tutsi-rolls” work on gross motor skills in a playful

Rockets (3 years old)
8:1ratio (student: teacher)
Toddlers love gymnastics! This 45 minute class introduces
our little “Tumblebees” to the dynamic sport of
gymnastics. We’ll channel all that buzzzy energy into
organized, structured training on the tumble floor,
baby beam, tumble track, baby bars and vault table.
We offer professional instruction in a positive and fun

Comets (4 years old)
8:1ratio (student: teacher)
This 45 minute class is designed for 4 year olds who
are developing their social and motor skills. They can
already master most preschool skills and are now being
offered the “BIG” skills such as cartwheels, handstands
and donkey kicks - all while learning how to
take turns and follow directions.

Meteorites (5 years old)
8:1ratio (student: teacher)
This 1 hour class introduces the young student to the
basic skills and techniques in a fun and exciting environment. Our growing “Kinderbees” build strength and confidence as they learn skills on the tumble floor,
bars, balance beam, tumble track and vault. Skills learned in the Kinderbees will prepare the student for future class in our Beginning Aerials gymnastics

Aerials (6 & up)
8:1 ratio (student: teacher)
This program provides professional gymnastics instruction
for students 6 years and older. Classes are offered
for the new student all the way up to our
most advanced team gymnasts. Aerial students
reign on all four main events: floor, bars, beam and
vault. The program is taught in structured progressions
using a star skill sheet. We take care in teaching
proper form and technique and we maintain high
standards in our classes with respect to effort, behavior,
attitude and sportsmanship. We teach kids to
work hard and stay focused, but we also want to teach
them to love the sport and to enjoy their training.

Beginning Tumbling (8 & up)
10:1ratio (student: teacher)
Tumbling is one of the most important foundation
activities for success in gymnastics at all levels. In
addition to learning the foundational skills necessary
to get your back handspring, you’ll also learn cartwheels,
round-offs and bridge kick-overs. Coaches
utilize planned progressions that focus on pace, body
posture and increasing strength and flexibility.

Boys Class (6 & up)
8:1ratio (student: teacher)
This program provides professional gymnastic basic
instruction for boys focused on strength, flexibility
and endurance.

Parkour (adults)
Parkour is a non-competitive, physical discipline in which participants run along a route and negotiate obstacles using a variety of skills including jumping, climbing, vaulting, rolling, swinging and wall scaling. This class is geared for adults.

Aurora (Non-competitive exhibition team)
Gymnasts may work on the skills of their choice weekly without the pressure of having to compete. This team will serve as an exhibition team to showcase the talents of the gym in the community. This team will travel to off site locations and will organize dance/gymnastics routines. This class is all about fun and is geared for gymnasts, dancers and athletes.

Gymnastics Tot Open Gym (2 & 3 yrs)
Little tots enjoy the opportunity for open play at the gymnastics center.

Home School Fitness & Fun (5 & up)
Students enjoy the opportunity for fitness and fun at the gymnastics center.

Team Gymnastics
Participate by coach invite only. Call for details: 706.291.0766


New classes start the first week of every month.

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Additional Details

What to Wear
Girls typically wear a leotard with or without shorts or sweatpants. Boys typically wear shorts or sweatpants and a t-shirt. For safety, loose clothes, buttons, zippers and jewelry are not allowed. Hair must be pulled back (avoid barrettes or hair decor).

Holidays & Make-up Classes
A make-up class date will be scheduled in advance for classes that fall on a holiday.

Changing Classes
If you find that the class you arranged for your child is inconvenient, we can work with you to place your child in another class upon space availabilty. There is no charge for a class change.

Make-up Classes
There are no refunds or prorates for missed classes. In the case of an injury causing a missed class, we can offer one make-up class to be scheduled during the month of the absence.